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The sustainable Green-Line collection.


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The sustainable Green-Line collection.


The sustainable and vegan S.T.A.M.P.S, "Green Line" collection for the environmentally conscious is here!

Living sustainably and environmentally friendly? Mother Earth and also the welfare of animals are close to many people's hearts.
That's why more and more shoppers are opting for a green lifestyle when they buy wristwatches.

What distinguishes a vegan watch? For years, the issue of sustainability has been gaining importance in our society.
The desire to be "green" even when buying online is making people rethink. With the awareness that the world's resources are not infinite, all of our consumer behaviour has changed.
Products that are environmentally friendly and produced under fair conditions play a big role in online trade nowadays.

And those who love the environment and animals want to change their shopping behaviour in all areas of their lives.
Of course, this also applies to fashion and to our Green Line collection.

Which wristwatches are in fashion?

The trendsetters of this world are focusing on environmentally friendly products when buying watches online.
Everyone talks about environmental protection. What can we retailers do concretely to combat climate change?
Our eco-watches from the S.T.A.M.P.S. Store, which have been produced in an environmentally friendly and fair manner, are the first choice when buying watches consciously.
At Stamp, we set an example for environmental awareness and love of animals.

The men's watches and ladies' watches in our Green Line collection strike exactly this chord with the times. A vegan wristwatch, is that possible?
Our products have long been characterised by versatility and modern design. We have managed to combine the most renowned watch movements from Seiko with environmentally friendly manufacturing.
Green Line watches from STAMPS are made exclusively from sustainable materials. We support political action for environmental protection. Our customers love our products because we give equal importance to statement, eco and design.

Make a sustainable fashion statement - with an ecological Green Line watch model.

Sea plastic, pineapple skin, recycled Tetra-Pak or STAMPstexx are used in the production. STAMPstexx is a particularly sustainable and durable material.
All models impress with modern designs, unusual colours and a high level of wearing comfort.
Thanks to the easy-to-change wristbands, they match every outfit and are therefore the perfect accessory.
Read below how timekeeping with wooden watches contributes to climate protection, how our watches are processed.

Why are our S.T.A.M.P.S. Green Line watches the right choice?

In the watch market, the trend continues towards responsibility, especially with regard to renewable energy and sustainable production.
When you buy watches securely in our STAMPS shop online, you are making a satisfying purchase thanks to secure payment methods and fast delivery times. You choose a high quality watch, considering many aspects.
With respect for the natural environment, you can choose a modern statement watch in an absolutely up-to-date design from our manufactory. With our modular systems, you can create a unique look for yourself.
What's more, you own a product with a clear conscience that focuses on ecological values. And who would want to do without individual self-expression and creativity when it comes to sustainable accessories? Our watches combine the demands of environmental protection and design.

Are more and more consumers willing to do without animal leather straps? Yes, out of love for animals and the environment.
Which vegan materials do you use? Here we explain to you which raw materials we recycle or reuse, what our advantages are over animal-based materials, such as leather watch straps:


Our STAMPS Fisherman watch straps are made from 100% marine plastic. This is collected by fishermen as by-catch.
The marine plastic is sorted, cleaned and processed into yarn under strict environmental guidelines.
Since materials that have already been produced are used in this process, the customer enjoys the dream watch made from recycled materials. The material is free of animal products. Take a look at our "Sea of Harmony" set.


The material of our Tetra products consists of 75% recycled Tetra cartons.
These are cleaned, shredded and then processed into a new material.
This is not only as strong as plastic, but also softer and more flexible.
Since this process also uses materials that have already been produced, it also reduces the environmental impact and preserves naturally used resources.
All our products made from Tetra Pak are also free of animal products. Check out our "'Rosy Star" set.


We produce the STAMPStexx bracelets ourselves together with our partners in Germany.
It is based on natural fibres made of cellulose, which are extracted from FSC-certified wood.
Wood is a renewable resource and has a better environmental profile than leather or water-intensive cotton.
The wood we use comes from sustainably managed and FSC-certified forests in Scandinavia.
STAMPStexx is characterised by a particularly comfortable feel, high resilience and a durability comparable to that of leather.
The material is lighter than leather, water-repellent and made from renewable materials. Are you curious to see our "Into the woods" set?

Why are S.T.A.M.P.S. Men's Watches and Watches for Women with Seiko Movement the right products for more environmentally conscious consumption? Because our eco-design can do both: Style and a good conscience.
What other ladies' watches are there and what price ranges do they come in? Choose your dream watch from the S.T.A.M.P.S. Online Shop collection directly from the manufacturer. Put together your watch in the modular system according to your budget: Click here to go to the SHOP.


Visit us on Facebook and discuss in the S.T.A.M.P.S. Green Line Community: What is the enthusiasm for your vegan watches?

Order more watches from the S.T.A.M.P.S. Online Shop collection directly from the manufacturer.

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  • Free shipping from 100€!
  • Delivery time 2-3 working days
  • Two year warranty